what is air duct cleaning & how does it work?

Air duct cleaning is the professional removal of the buildup of dirt and debris from inside your home’s air ducts.

To understand how it works, it’s important to know that not all duct cleaners are equally qualified or use the same process.  Companies use different processes primarily because of the type of duct cleaning equipment they’re using to clean your air ducts.  Companies who specialize in duct cleaning, have invested in:

  • professional commercial grade equipment
  • specialized tools to access the inside of the ducts
  • NADCA certification
  • trained indoor air quality technicians

Using commercial grade duct cleaning equipment means the duct cleaning process is more extensive and takes more time. Companies that do not specialize in air duct cleaning, typically use portable equipment similar to a shop vac.  Their equipment limits their reach to the insides of your duct work.  So, naturally because they can only clean a fraction of your duct work, their process only takes a fraction of the time.

Pure Indoor Air’s professional duct cleaning services are performed exclusively by Capital Heating & Cooling.  They’re one of the only NADCA certified duct cleaning companies in SE Wisconsin that uses both flat rate pricing and commercial grade duct cleaning equipment.  With Pure Indoor Air, you can trust you’re getting the most professional duct cleaning services in the Milwaukee area.

12 steps of Professional Duct Cleaning in Milwaukee

Below is a step-by-step diagram of what to expect from our professional air duct cleaners: