Image of the best humidifier, the Arid Pro by Pure Indoor Air.

Unless you’re into push, pull or dragging, choose a whole-home dehumidifier for the most bang for your buck.  While portable dehumidifiers are cheaper, you to move them from room to room.  You also have to dump the water and repeat.  Over and over.

That’s why many Milwaukee area homeowners and industry experts say the Arid Pro by Pure Indoor Air is the best whole home dehumidifier.

More than a Basement Dehumidifier

As long as there are basements and humidity, you’ll always have basement humidity. But the problem with a damp basement is that it affects the rest of your home. The Arid Pro work can work with your existing furnace, or stand alone. and despite its typical basement location, it can remove moisture throughout your whole home.  Multiple installation options and foolproof humidity control, make the Arid Pro ideal for your home, townhouses, condo, basement, or crawl space.

Automatic Humidity Sensor

Problems arise when the humidity in your home gets above 50%.  So again, unless you’re into the push, pull, drag, I’m gonna run around the house adjusting the dehumidifier to get my steps in person, the automatic humidity sensor is a huge benefit.  Just “set it and forget it.” It automatically adjusts as needed and once your desired humidity level is reached, it shuts off.  Then it samples the air to determine if it needs to turn back on.  Easy peasy.

Less Maintenance than Other Dehumidifiers

The Arid Pro is low maintenance with no messy trays to empty. The filter is cleaned or replaced just once a year during HVAC maintenance.  This of course is compared to the maintenance steps of portable dehumidifiers, which requires you to do over half a dozen things yourself.

Removes Your Indoor Humidity – up to 12 gal/day

Let’s face it, all the benefits in the world mean squat unless your dehumidifier can solve your problems.  The Arid Pro removes nearly 12 gallons of water a day from the air inside homes up to 5,200 square feet.